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Letter to Reading Chronicle - Reading Borough Council Accounts Sage
I read with despair the latest chapter in the saga of Reading Borough Councils struggle to complete and submit its annual accounts on time.

According to the latest items on the Reading Chronicle website (8th & 21sth July) the bill to local taxpayers for doing so now in the region of 1 million pounds, with only 1 set of accounts in the last 4 years completed and signed-off on time.

This is an appalling record for which the Labour run council should be hanging its collective heads in shame. Instead it seems to think it can refuse to apologies and simply brazen it out, at least till the polling stations re-open next May.

Fully audited and presented accounts, delivered on time re-assure the tax paying public that the authority is being run professionally and competently. That there are no nasty surprises or liabilities which have not been publicly disclosed.

Commercial businesses are obliged to do so on a strict timescale. This concept appears to be alien to the council which shows no evidence of having learnt anything from this awfully expensive and protracted process.

Stephen Graham
Reading Liberal Party(Organiser)

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