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Liberal Party Manifesto for Interim & Post Pandemic Recovery & Renewal – Care Homes
The care home industry has seen heart-breaking levels of fatalities. The Liberal Party
believes the first principle of care should be to help the elderly stay and function
independently in their own home.
Although private care homes have a part to play in the care of the retired, all such
institutions should be integrated between the NHS and local authorities to promote regional
planning and funding and critical governance. In such an environment the Care Quality
Commission has a pivotal part to play in ensuring the resilience and financial security of the
The care industry does not have the same levels of prestige as the wider health care
industry and this has resulted in difficulties in attracting and retaining staff. Efforts need to
be made to recruit the 120,000 shortfalls in staff needed to maintain the service to over
400,000 care home residents and half a million home-based patients, with an increased
number suffering from Dementia.
There is a great need to foster partnerships between care homes and GP practices, to
provide dedicated and professional care in the community.
The wider issues of an aging population and its demand on care services has been known for
many years but it has taken the tragic circumstances of the pandemic for it to be fully

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