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Liberal Party Presidents Introduction - A Manifesto for Interim & Post Pandemic Recov
There has never been a situation that has changed the political discourse of a country and
the economic journey as the Covid-19 pandemic has.

Economically the right-wing agenda of cutting public expenditure and services and a pure
focus on individual profit has been replaced by debate over public investment assisting
businesses, workers, and services. The unthinkable has become the norm.

We have a Conservative government forced to see that Government investment is needed
to ensure the economy and society does not plunge into recession. Who would ever have
thought of Boris Johnson as being a resurrected Lord Keynes?

The task for us as Liberals is not to sit back but to seize the change in the political
agenda. We must ensure that those in casual work and the low paid are not forced to suffer
excessive tax rises to fund the public deficit when the Covid-19 crisis is over.

We must ensure that ‘clapping for health workers’ is a platform to ensure that investment in
public health is restored and maintained.

Whilst private businesses have been given meaningful funding, local councils hit by
increasing costs and reduced income are still left in limbo. As we go to print, there is every
possibility several major cities in the country are on track to be declared bankrupt.

We Liberals have long argued we need more public health investment for preventive health
care. It should not shock anyone, that heavy smokers and those overweight have
disproportionately been subject to fatalities during this crisis. We need community health
education more than ever, yet in some cities like Liverpool our long-established community
health workers are being made redundant.

This manifesto is a development on some of our policies as a response to the Covid-19
Pandemic. A true Liberal agenda is needed now in Britain more than ever. We hope our
vision resonates with yours and that you will join us in the fight for more progressive and
pragmatic approaches to the way we run government, enable individuals and support
communities in the UK.

President of the Liberal Party

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