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Liberal Party Assembly Motion - Hong Kong Residents Right to Residence in the UK.
The Liberal Party notes the ongoing civil protests and unrest in Hong Kong.

Whilst acknowledging the sovereignty of the Chinese Government over the region after its return to their jurisdiction in 1997 the UK and Chinese governments still have joint responsibilities under the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

The UK government should seek to remind the Chinese authorities of their commitments and use itsinfluence to ensure continuedfree debate and politicalrepresentation for the residents of Hong Kong.

The retention of a healthydemocratic system within Hong Kong acts as a visible sign of the Chinese government’s willingness to honour its commitment to a system of one countrytwo systems”.

The British Government should immediately declare that those entitled to a British Passport prior to 1997 and their families should be offered the right to residence in the UK.

Motion passed at the 134th Liberal Party Assembly - 5th october 2019

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