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Liberal Party General Election Manifesto 2019 – Defence
The Liberal Party believes that the UK's armed forces have been cut to levels which are no longer consistent with national defence and our international obligations.
We therefore want to see the UK return to the equivalent of our pre-2010 defence spending to increase both the number of service personnel and the quality of their equipment.
Defence cuts have had a disastrous effect on the morale and effectiveness of all three services.
We believe that British forces deserve the best equipment available and we acknowledge recent years’ neglect can only be corrected with substantial financial funding.
This proposed increase in funding could be financed on a long-term basis by scaling back on the UKs nuclear capability, by cancelling the Trident replacement programme, which the National Audit Office now forecasts will cost over £50 billion.
Promoted by Stephen Graham on behalf of the Liberal Party, 12 Dayworth Mews, Lundy Lane, Reading, RG30 2RR

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