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Liberal Party General Election Manifesto 2019 – Crime and Community Policing
The Liberal Party recognises the high level of crime on our streets and the correlation of increased crime with reduced police numbers. We would increase police numbers back to pre-2010 levels adjusted for increases in population.
Our jails are overcrowded, and we have one of the worst re-offending rates for criminals in Europe.
We need a justice system which has those who commit crime working in the community to repay their debt as well as providing training to prevent reoffending rates. We would seek to commute nonviolent sentences of less than one year to community service, freeing up prison space and providing essential labour for community projects.
We need support for those with mental health problems that so often get caught up in crime because of their illness.
Promoted by Stephen Graham on behalf of the Liberal Party, 12 Dayworth Mews, Lundy Lane, Reading, RG30 2RR

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