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Liberal party Election 2019 Statement - UK Nursing Recruitment Commitments
The Liberal Party notes the general election manifesto commitment by Boris Johnson to increase the number of trained nurses in the UK by 50k, along with one for 24k by the Labour Party.

A closer scrutiny of the proposal is for 14k new nurses, and 5k nursing apprentices, whilst efforts will be made to retain or encourage the return to the profession 18,500 nursing staff who often after leaving the profession to start a family or for other reasons are not been able to commit to returning.

The party notes with disappointment that the plan also relies on a recruitment drive for 12,500 nurses from abroad again highlighting the lack of domestic training which deprives other countries of their own skilled staff. Any recruitment from overseas should therefore be regarded as a temporary measure, and plans should be put in place to recruit and retain a growing workforce from within the UK.

We welcome the restoration of the student nurse bursary, and believe a full bursary is warranted. Student nurses should also continue to be supernumerary to staffing numbers while on clinical placement.

While those wishing to qualify as a Registered Nurse must obtain a degree there is also a pressing need to recruit more Health Care Assistants and other associated nursing staff. Increasing staffing levels in nursing would enable better patient care, and safe working practices. Efforts should also be made to care for the well-being of existing staff to promote retention of numbers.

Nurses remain the first line of contact in our NHS and maintaining numbers in the face of ever-increasing demands is of vital importance to the delivery of care in this country.

Promoted by Stephen Graham on behalf of the Liberal Party, 12 Dayworth Mews, Lundy Lane, Reading, RG30 2RR

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