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Liberal Party General Election Manifesto 2019 – Health and Social care
Liberals would help save money within the NHS in the long term by greatly increasing public health promotion, particularly by local councils and by increasing focus on preventive health measures.
We would restore democratic accountability to NHS supervision 'watchdogs'.
The Liberal Party also calls for the abolition of social care charges for disabled people.
We would increase the lower threshold at which the elderly are required to pay for social care to £25,000 in capital and savings by 2020.
On the principle of free education for all, we would reintroduce nursing bursaries and introduce vocational training schemes for student nurses, compassionate care is as vital to the nursing profession as academic ability.
These reforms would be partly financed by abolishing VAT exemption for private healthcare providers.
Promoted by Stephen Graham on behalf of the Liberal Party, 12 Dayworth Mews, Lundy Lane, Reading, RG30 2RR

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