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Liberal Party response to climate change lobbying
The Liberal Party encourages all candidates and supporters to consider using this draft letter to respond to climate changel obbying and the Friend of the Earth(FoE) Climate Action Pledge:

Thank you for your email regarding the FoE Climate Action Pledge.

I have signed the pledge and will encourage other Liberal Party candidates to do likewise.

Climate protection, damage reduction and repair will certainly influence how I use my vote on the many issues that
impact climate and which will be on the political agenda.

Special interest groups like FoE are so important in helping us keep our focus, thank you for keeping the climate
issue high on the political agenda.   Beyond this election we will continue as a party to develop policies and would
welcome FoE input into our policy development process.

For your information I am attaching a motion which was carried by a special Liberal Party assembly in June this year.

Climate Emergency - Motion carried at the Liberal Party Special Assembly 22nd June 2019

The Liberal Party accepts there is sufficient scientific evidence of climate damage, for a Climate Emergency to be
declared and actions taken to reduce the impact humans are having on our planet.

We therefore open up the Liberal Party policy set to scrutiny and resolve to review and edit any policy which is
demonstrated to cause or exacerbate climate damage.

We also encourage our elected representatives and wider membership to ensure a request is submitted to local
authorities in their area, to debate and consider a Climate Emergency motion.

Promoted by Stephen Graham on behalf of the Liberal Party, 12 Dayworth Mews, Lundy Lane, Reading, RG30 2RR

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