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The Liberal Party Manifesto 2019 – Key Liberal Party Policies
Respect the EU Referendum result and work towards making 'Brexit' a success.

Guarantee the rights of EU citizens already working in the UK, simplifying residency qualification rights,
thereby ensuring that key skills stay in the UK economy.

Increase skills training and vocational education and lessen the need for immigrant workers.

Leverage preventive healthcare and public promotion to avoid long term costs to the NHS and restore
democratic accountability to the NHS.

Move from a punitive to a harm reducing approach to drug legislation.

Simplify the tax system by raising personal allowances, taking more of the low paid out of taxation
altogether and allowing those who are moderately paid to keep more of their earned income.

Radical reform of inheritance tax. Reduce the level of taxation but abolish the extensive exemptions
and allowances which mean the wealthiest pay little by way of inheritance tax. Provide for a
Universal Inheritance' to give everyone a tax fee lump sum at the age of 25, which can be used to pay
university tuition fees or towards a business start-up.

Encourage growth by reducing the huge regulatory and bureaucratic burdens on the small business sector.

Encourage local authorities to build and maintain more affordable homes for rent and give them greater
powers to combat derelict houses and waste land sites.

Increase defence spending to pre-2010 levels to increase the manpower and equipment of UK forces.
British forces deserve the best. This can be funded by scrapping Britain's nuclear weapons immediately.

Restore Police funding to pre-2010 levels adjusted in line with population growth, whilst tackling the
problems associated with criminal reoffending and overcrowded prisons.
Promoted by Stephen Graham on behalf of the Liberal Party, 12 Dayworth Mews, Lundy Lane, Reading, RG30 2RR

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