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Liberal Party NEC Statement - Voter ID
The Liberal Party notes the announcement in the Queens Speech, 14th October 2019, that the government intends to enact legislation to force voters to provide photographic proof of their identify at polling stations.
Whilst the party acknowledges the serious issue of voting fraud, most cases of electoral fraud involve postal voting which would be unaffected by the provision of voter identification.
The demand for a recognised form of identification discriminates again those least able to secure documentation such as the elderly, foreign nationals legitimately entitled to vote and the youngest members of the electorate.
The Electoral Commission reported in December 2015 that about 3.5 million electors did not have an acceptable form of photo ID. A concern echoed by charities for the aged according to the Independent Newspaper (14th October).
The argument for voter Id risk’s being used as a backdoor to introducing national ID cards, a scheme which the Liberal Party has opposed on the grounds that it is an infringement to the right to privacy.
The party believes that alleged electoral fraud is best dealt with by local election services and the police, rather than putting the onus on the electorate to prove their identify at the polling station.

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