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Letter to Reading chroncile - Reading Councillors Allowances
I read with interest Council leader Jason Brock’s(Labour) comments on the Reading Chronicle website(30th June) concerning the increase in councillors allowances.
Councillors may be toiling late into the night for limited financial gain, but this is part and parcel of being an elected councillor.
Although there is a compelling argument to pay lead councillors a fulltime wage when they are managing a budget of almost 140 million pounds of taxpayer’s money, I imagine there is little public support for this.
A generous increase in allowances should come hand in hand with better management and scrutiny of councillor’s decisions and judgment such as building up a 70-million-pound commercial property liability under the guise of generating additional revenue from rentals.
The incumbent council has yet to publish the accounts for 2016/17 or 2017/18 and has given no indication if the 2018/19 will be delivered by the October deadline. This is despite spending up to half a million pounds on revisions and reworking.

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