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Liberal Party NEC Statement - UK National debt
The Liberal Party notes with concern that the value of national debt in this country has now exceeded 2 trillion pounds, a milestone which has gone almost entirely un-reported by the media.

Even after 9 years of austerity, with harsh cuts to public services and reductions to our police and armed forces, the budget deficit for 2018/19 was still 27.4 billion pounds.

Although the national debt only amounts to 84% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), it is only manageable largely due to low interest rates.

The Liberal Party believes this country can both afford decent public services and a modest reduction in national debt through a combination of investment in education and infrastructure, and a modest redistribution of wealth.

Even a modest redistribution of wealth would assist alleviate poverty and stimulate growth as people on low incomes having additional disposable income would spend a greater proportion of that additional income than those who are wealthier

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