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Letter to Reading Chronicle - Reading Borough Council accounts 2016/17
I have read with interest your most recent coverage of the ongoing sage of Reading Borough Councils completion and submission of the accounts for the years 2016/17(31st January).
Unfortunately, your headline understates the amount of council tax which has been squandered to these ends. As more accurately stated towards the end of your coverage, the final bill is likely to be in the region of 500,000 pounds, yes half a million pounds.
By the time these have been formally signed off they are also likely to be over 17 months late, at a cost of nearly 4000 pounds a page for the 135-page document now uploaded on the council website.
One would presume the impetus to get these and the accounts for 2017/18 signed off is the loaming local elections in May. One would also presume canvasing Labour candidates will be anticipating some very awkward question on the doorstep.

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