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Liberal Party Environmental Policy Statement
The Liberal Party values the environment, equally for its recreational value as its obvious commercial contribution to the economy.

We recognise that the landscape is a working landscape in many parts of our crowded island with crops and livestock,
but such activities can co-exist with great recreational opportunities and the therapeutic benefits of visiting rural areas.

We believe the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, should be re-invigorated to allow for a greater "right to roam" within responsible limits, thus providing greater access to the countryside.

We support the sustainable funding of low carbon energy research, the fitting of solar panels and energy efficiency initiatives such as free cavity installation for low income households

The party opposes fracking as an unproven and potentially environmentally damaging process. Its promotion not only re-enforces our addiction to carbon-based fuels but goes against all public opposition.

The party believes that all effects should be expended in reducing global Co2 emissions and restricting the rise in global temperatures and the inevitable rise in sea-levels.

Even if you do not believe in the phenomenon of Global Warming is it not simply common sense not to soil and degrade the world you live in and share with others? A failure to do so risks passing on a damaged legacy to future generations.

Greater efforts need to be expended to improve the air quality within the UK, particular in the most crowded urban areas.

We believe that the nations water resources should be manged responsibly in the interest of human consumption and the wider environment. Over exploitation of subterranean aquafers riskslong-term damage when so much water is lost between reservoir and consume through fault pipe networks.
On the denial of Global Warming - have things moved on since this policy was first agreed?

From the Guardian recently:

Climate change denial is evil, says Mary Robinson

Exclusive: chair of Elders group also says fossil fuel firms have lost their social licence
Thank you for your comment.

The policy was circulated within the party but never expanded upon.

Climate change is not as controversial as global warming as a phrase that is less likely to set opionions in discussions.
It does seem a little odd that Brexit has been the main focus of media attention during the last 3 years and particularly over the past 6 months - and should the PM's deal be approved is likely to take the best part of 10 years to be completed with likely continued media focus - when this is the period when climate scientists say that the burning of fossil fuels should phased out if temperature rises are to be limited to 1.5°C above pre industrial levels.

Judging by the commitments that nations have made - there is very little likelihood of this target being achieved - climate scientists are becoming deeply concerned that this will not take place believing there is just 5% chance of it happening. Their general belief now is that their advice will be ignored and temperatures will rise beyond 2°C, considered the tipping point, which will bring the extinction of man and many other species before the end of this century.

Whereas Brexit is important, whatever the ramifications of the outcome, any EU rules that the UK has to obey will be ignored if we [or any other country] suffered a similar event as has occurred in Madagascar and surrounding area.

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