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Letter to local media – Pending BREXIT Vote
We in the Liberal Party campaigned for the referendum on the United Kingdom remaining in the EU or leaving, giving the British people their right to determine our future.

Having all major parties agree to the referendum, the Prime Minister is absolutely right to suggest those MP's seeking to sabotage any deal are bringing Parliament into grave disrepute.

On Saturday 5th January 2019 Liberal Party members met in Birmingham and discussed the current Brexit plan at great length.

Those MP's who have concerns about article 132 locking us into the EU and our future being determined at their will are right to be nervous over this legally binding clause.

If the EU is able to declare that this clause is time limited, then there is no reason why this cannot and should not be written into the legal text.

Every businessman or woman will know declarations saying one thing and a legal agreement saying something else is a duplicity we should all avoid at our peril.

Cllr Steve Radford
President of The Liberal Party

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