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Liberal Party Special Assembly – Overview of motions discussed
Key Policy Decisions made were:

Support for abolishing House of Lords replace with a Senate of 300 members elected by STV across the UK.

This places us in line with the Electoral Reform Society Policy however the only addition we would do is give opportunity of each of the overseas territories to elect an additional senator.

We supported greater protection for leaseholders and those in shared ownership schemes.

We called for greater measures for sustainable energy to avoid fracking.

We welcomed the moves by Greater Manchester authorities, Wales and Scots Assemblies to prevent fracking.

In respect of the Ni Border we urged use of technology to avoid any need for a hard border.

In respect of the current governments Brexit Plan we called for article 132 to be dropped or clearly time limited so the UK is not locked into the EU without meaningful and equitable negotiations. We accepted Brexit is a process that will evolve over time.

On Hate Crime we look for it to be replaced by more equitable magistrates’ discretion to look at all motives and impact of crime. The motion passed by a margin of 1 has been deferred so we have the opportunity to set out a clearer reasoning and alternative to be put to members on 22nd June at Tuebrook Hope Centre, Christ Church Buckingham Rd (12.00-4.00).

The annual LIberal Party Assembly will be Saturday 5th October Briar Rose, Bennett's Hill Birmingham,  12-4.00.

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