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Letter to Reading local media - Traveller community in Reading
I read with interest the latest reported incursion into Reading by the Traveller community (7th Nov).
Unfortunately, despite the fortune spent by RBC these incursions will continue until such a time as a properly structured local response to these arrivals has been developed.
The council has perpetually failed to provide the hard standing it was advised it should provide 11 years ago. Until these are available, travellers have the excuse to park where and where they like with a contempt for the law, driven by an abrupt cycle of arrival and eviction.
Assigned parking places gives the authorities the ability to control arrivals and reduce conflict with the residents of the borough.
Once the traveller community has no need to impose itself on urban areas, then the issues of rubbish dumping, anti-social behaviour and unlawful activity can be tackled.
This will require a robust response currently lacking amongst the Police, courts and local authority to encourage responsible behaviour, and punish transgressions promptly.

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