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Liberal Party NEC Statement - Saudi Arms sales and the Yemeni civil war
The Liberal Party calls upon the UK Government to immediately halt arms sales to the Saudi Coalition, recognising the destructive impact on the Yemeni population and the actual limited military and political impact the bombing is having in restoring a recognised government.
In fact, extensive bombing has intensified calls for partition of a country now racked by over 3 years of civil war resulting in 8500 to 13000 deaths and exposing 13 million people to the dangers of famine.
The independent newspaper (31st Oct) quotes Marwa Baabbad of the Oxford Research Group, calling for an “immediate” end to arms sales. Attending an International Development Committee, she said “we are seeing air strikes resulting in the deaths of civilians”, and alleged they had even bombed water sources provided by the UK.
The party believes more ethical commercial avenues exist for UK companies to do business in the region, as opposed to the estimated £1.13bn pounds of arms exports to Saudi Arabia approved by the UK
government last year.

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