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Liberal Party NEC Statement - Northamptonshire council crisis
The Liberal Party notes with grave concern the latest developments in the ongoing financial crisis at Northamptonshire council.
Following the unprecedent issuing of a second section 114 notice on the 24th July, prohibiting further unbudgeted expenditure, a full council meeting held on the 9th August heard details of the precarious state of the council’s finances.
These cover a projected budget deficit of 60 to 70 million pounds over the next 9 months and in the region of 180 million pounds over the next three years at current rates of expenditure.
Local government has been forced to bear the brunt of public expenditure cutbacks in funding, in the region of 50% since 2010, whilst seeing increased legal obligations to provide services by central government.
The Liberal Party against calls for sustained funding and investment in local public services, services which provide a basic level of care and support, which underpins an inclusive society.

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