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Liberal Party NEC Statement - Commencement of commercial fracking in Lancashire
The Liberal Party notes with considerable disappointment that Cuadrilla Resources has been granted permission to start fracking at their site at Preston New Road in Lancashire.
The party reiterates its opposition to the process of fracking to extract shale gas, reminding the public of the real prospects of environmental damage and the widespread local and national opposition to the undertaking.
At a time of exceptional water stress due to the ongoing heatwave, the pumping of high pressure water and sand, the later suspended with the aid of chemical thickening agents’ risks contaminating vital subterranean water sources.
The party calls for a moratorium on drilling until the conclusion of the government’s own review of the Royal Society recommendations for regulatory improvement to ensure safe drilling, which was only initiated in June of this year.
Since only one of the 10 recommendations from the Royal Society has been implemented, the commencement of drilling is both premature and unsound.

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