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Liberal Party NEC Statement - Police facial recognition trials
The Liberal Party notes with grave concern the recent media reports on the exceptionally poor performance of facial recognition systems trialled by the Metropolitan and South West Wales Police forces.
A report in the Independent (13th May) suggested an accuracy rate of less than 10%, although it has been claimed no detentions or arrests have been made using the technology. It was also reported that facial images are retained by police for 30 days after being captured.
The Party believe that that the use of such technology is unproven and potentially unlawful, being used in conjunction with a database of in-excess of 16 million recorded facial images. Most of these images have been accumulated by the police without the consent of the individual.
The Liberal Party calls for the immediate cessation of the trials, the closure and erasure of the facial image database and clear guidance from regulators and central government on the recording, storage and use of personal images.

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