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NEC Statement - Saudi Arabian arms deal
The Liberal Party notes media reports of the imminent announcement of a major trade deal between BAE and the Saudi Government involving the sale of Typhoon jet aircraft amongst other commodities.
Although the deal is being quoted as being worth up to 65 billion pounds, securing several thousand UK jobs, the Liberal Party remains concerned at our countries continued prominent part in the international arms trade.
The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a barely reformed monarchy, with serious question over its human rights commitments, and is openly engaging in a proxy war in the Yemen which has devastated the country, inflicting 5200 civilian casualties and led to widespread hunger and disease.
The UK has singular failed to re-orientate its domestic aerospace industries away from a heavy reliance on international arms deals, and towards more peaceful and equally profitable international trade.
Such trade offers the same economic benefits and international prestige as the current business model given the right levels of investment and the re-focussing of the business.

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