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Motions passed at the January Special Assembly
Motion 1

The Liberal Party notes the outcome of the recent election results in Catalonia in thatCatalan separatists maintained
their absolute majority in the Catalan parliament.

Pro-independence parties matched their vote share from the previous election.

This was reinforced by a massive 82 percent turnout.

The Liberal Party deplores use of police violence against pro-independence campaigners and urges that the people of Catalonia being allowed a ballot as to their future.

The Liberal Party deplores the limp reaction of the EU to police violence from Madrid and its failure to respect and acknowledge the election results.

Motion 2

The Liberal Party welcomes progress with 2017 being declared the “greenest ever” for the UK, according to data provided by the National Grid.

However, we urge the UK to continue investment in renewable energy and note that support for customers investing in solar panels have been reduced this year with pay back feed in tariffs reduced earlier this year.

We urge strides be made for community building and new build properties to have solar panels and/or other renewable energy features mandatory in their design.

Motion 3

The Liberal Party notes with grave concern continued media coverage of part time and contract workers being penalised financial by employees for any absence from work.

The rise in contract and part time working has seen an increase in punitive clauses being imposed on workers, placing the emphasis on them to attend work under threat of sanction or loss of contract renewal.

Such measures are unwelcome and penalise people for simply being too unwell to attend a place of work, and placing the onus on them to provide their own replacement cover.

The Liberal Party calls upon the government to outlaw such practises and grant all workers basic protection and reasonable time off from work without prejudicing their livelihood, and asks for the HS&E to make a statement on
these practises.

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