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GE 2017 & Moving Forward
Firstly best wishes to all candidates standing under the Liberal Party banner today. With the snap General Election being called in the middle of the local election campaign, obviously it was going to prove difficult for our party. Therefore I think we have done exceptionally well in fielding the number of candidates we have and the campaigns each candidate has put together.

Whatever the results, this election has to be seen as a step on the path to re-establishing the Liberal Party and building for the local elections in forthcoming years. Recruitment is a priority, which will come through raising awareness and maintaining the membership.

Areas I see important are:
  • Rebuilding the website.
  • Launching a general recruitment leaflet.
  • More active presence on social media.
  • Strategy to build website and social media presence for local associations.
  • Development of Liberal News.
  • Launching a monthly 'Liberal Update' members and supporters mailing, keeping new members up to speed and encouraging activity.
  • Swift reactions and statements to issues of the day - possibly electing NEC members as spokespersons on certain issues in order to spread responsibility and workload.
Clearly all this takes a great deal of effort and commitment from a section of the membership. Admittedly I have not been that active since I joined over 2 years ago, mainly due to my trade union commitments but also because of serious health issues. However I have now started to get more involved in Devon and if possible I will attend the Summer Assembly.

The present situation is with the Lib Dems in EU-Nowhere Land, the Greens adopting placard politics and flirting with the likes of the SWP, whilst Labour are increasingly being influenced by a Trotskyite insurgence, there is an opportunity to re-establish a strong Liberal Party. Clearly with what the country is faced with we are needed!
Agree with these points.
Social Media platforms are key these days and something I use a lot.
The result for us is not going to be massive, as its a blood bath out there between the cons and labour.
I am sitting in a very safe conservative seat, and UKIP not standing so the Con vote is going to go high.

Looking forward to catching up with sleep over the weekend!

If anyone reading could give this page a "Like" that would be great.


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