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Letter to the Times - Argument against electing LibDem MP's
Herewith a letter sent to The Times today, after reading an article on page 41 of today’s issue, headed “Soros’s latest speculation: Britain to re-join radically transformed EU”

Letters Editor, The Times
Dear Sir,
Don’t elect EU-fanatic Liberal Democrat MPs
Unlike the heavily SDP-influenced Liberal Democratic Party, the continuation real Liberal Party opposed joining the Euro, rejects the aim of a Single Country called Europe and called for the UK to leave the EU in the absence of any sign of reform in the undemocratic EU.  From what one of the Gang of Four, David Owen, has said, I am sure he would now agree with the Liberal Party and not with the Liberal Democrats.
If the EU were to take steps to reform itself into a looser system in which non-Eurozone countries can choose from a variety of different membership models, as recently suggested by George Soros amongst others, it may be possible for the UK to leave and re-join an EU radically transformed into something like a Commonwealth of Europe. 
Electing EU-fanatic Liberal Democrat MPs calling for a new Referendum before any such reform can take place would ensure that it never does.  

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