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Liberal Pledges /USP's
I noticed on the Andrew Neil's interview with Steve Radford, in what is often BBC fashion they picked up on a more obscure policy (Esperanto) in their introduction.

It is clear our party does need to have its own clear vision set out either as 'Pledges' or 'Principles' of Real Liberalism. These would act as the USP's for the party and would (hopefully) be what the media pick up on. Elsewhere on this forum there is also a thread about a general leaflet - and such pledges/principles would be ideal printed on such a promotional leaflet.

Below are my own personal choice for 12 pledges, though some are an interpretation of current policy:

  • To work towards a new co-operative relationship with Europe and the world.
  • To build an economy which offers employment, a liveable income and opportunity for all.
  • To improve the tax system to help small businesses, sole traders and raise personal allowances to help low and moderately paid workers.
  • To end 'backdoor' privatisation of the NHS, returning it to a¬¨‚Ć fully funded public service.
  • To work towards making homelessness history through construction of affordable properties and tackling empty homes and wasteland.
  • To provide an education system focussed on 'education' and not competition, which provides young people with the skills they need for to succeed.
  • To restore public ownership of the railways and water industry.
  • To safeguard the future of the planet and our green spaces and embrace a 'green' industrial revolution.
  • To radically reform Inheritance Tax to provide a 'Universal Inheritance' for all on reaching the age of 25.
  • To protect civil liberties and freedoms and the establishment of a Constitutional convention.
  • To reform the democratic process, introducing Proportional Representation, devolving powers to regions and local authorities and lowering the voting age to 16.
  • To build conventionally equipped and suitably funded and trained armed forces to keep Britain safe and not for unnecessary overseas military ventures.

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