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Letter to local media - Pre-election manifesto - February 2015
The Liberal Party notes the increased media coverage of the count down
to the May 2015 general election, which is now less than 100 days

In the run up to the election, coverage of the most emotive subjects
such as the NHS, Europe and Immigration risk's obscuring the most
fundamental issue, that of the deficit, and its effects on the
countries future prosperity.

As a nation we accumulated a further 13 billion pounds of debt in
December, as the country heads towards a headline figure of 1.5
trillion pounds of debt, despite almost 5 years of Coalition cuts.

Yet despite assertions from the Coalition government that we would all
be in it together, the most affluent in our society have continued to
accumulate wealth, with the top 10% now holding 40% of the nations
wealth whilst government funding for public servers is likely to have
been cut by 40%. by the end of the period 2015/16.

The Liberal Party is committed to the modest redistribution of wealth
to create an opportunity society and continues to promote policies to
this end.

The proceeds of Land Value Taxation would ensure proper funding of
public server, whilst by withdrawing the extensive exemptions for
Inheritance tax, we would be redistributing wealth,  and providing a
foundation for investment in human capital for the next generation.

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