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Local Elections 2017
I believe all those that stood in the recent local elections need an enormous pat on the back.
Standing for any smaller party at present is not easy in the current political world. Despite what appears to be the demise of UKIP it seems politics is leaning towards the right with a severe lack of coherent progressive messages to counter this. But countering the messages of division on which the right wing of British politics thrive is a necessity, as is providing a credible alternative message.

If we look at the winners and losers of the recent elections we see massive gains for the Tories, small gains for the Greens, massive losses for Labour and UKIP and the Lib Dems basically treading water. It's pretty clear the UKIP vote has gone back to the Tories, and many Labour voters have either staid at home or voted Tory as a punishment for Corbyn being leader. A few have obviously switched to the Greens.

Brexit is being touted as a major reason for Conservative gains, along with the Corbyn factor damaging Labour. I do not think local issues really played a major part in the majority of councils. Regarding Brexit, given a period of time, the  damage the Tories 'Hard Brexit' philosophy will become apparent. The public (albeit by a very small margin) voted to Leave but even some Remain voters were not fanatical about the EU in the way the Lib Dems, some in Labour and how the Green leadership now appear to be. I expect the majority in both camps wanted a different relationship with Europe - something the Liberal Party's Commonwealth of Europe policy would offer. Perhaps it's worth the Party looking at this, which as I mentioned when I subscribed to the mailing list, could be a USP.

Brexit will not always be a decisive reason for voting, and Labour will one day have a more capable leader. But a cohesive, alternative message now will provide a record on the Liberal position. I have attached a poster which may be of use to get the 'alternative' message across.

I have probably focussed too much on the impact of Brexit and Corbyn on the results. But it would be interesting to see people's thoughts on the Liberal performances in these elections. With the Lib Dems offering nothing different, Labour in dissaray and the Greens addling up to some very hard left forces in some areas Britain needs a liberal alternative. I hope those who stood for the party will do so again and those who lost their seats will fight to regain them at the earliest opportunity.

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