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NEC Statement - EU Citizens in the UK
The Liberal Party notes the recent comments of the European Council President Donald Tusk on the future status of EU citizens in the UK in relation to the commencement of talks on BREXIT.

The party fully supports the rights of EU citizens to continue living and working in this country and believes making such an undertaking does not prejudice future negotiations with the EU if made in good faith.

The party believes in a fair settlement with the European Union as part of our disengagement from Europe but remains concerned that any excessively large demand for financial compensation as part of the final settlement.

The EU should respect that the UK proportionally  pays more for the defence of the Europe through NATO  than the EU countries do themselves and this disparity should be off set in any negotiations.

There remains a real possibility that a punitive sum will push the UK towards an unfavourable exit which is not in the long-term interests of either the UK or mainland Europe.
A very reasoned statement. I think many of the problems we now face in the negotiations is down to the stance of Theresa May, who has been very severe from the very start. This has put the EU very much on the defensive which will likely see a very messy divorce as opposed to what could have been an amicable arrangement.

I also think May's 'No deal is better than a bad deal'' statement really demonstrates she is willing to drive Britain off the edge of the cliff. And when the economy crashes she will blame 'Johnny Foreigner' and not her own stubborness.

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