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Youth of the Party!
Hello Guys, this is my first post on here! My Names Jack Horn. I'm the point of contact for Northamptonshire, Youth lead and I'm currently setting up the branch for my constituency. I run the Liberal Party youth facebook page, I'm wondering if there's any young members who would be able to help out ? Thank you guys. 

Here's some links for you
Youth page:

My website:

Sorry, Jack I suspect many of us are just too ancient! I have 'liked' your FB page. Interested to read on your web site that your have met your local Town Clerk (as I happen to be one!).
I have just liked this thank you for organising a group for people like me

Im only 19 if that counts as part of the youth. I will join the FB page as well. What sort of help do you need mate?
Hi Jack! Well done with organising for your area. Just joined and hope to organise a group for where I live in Shropshire. Just followed you on FB, too. Smile

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