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Letter to the Media - MPs Hypocrisy over objecting to result of Referendum
Dear Editor

To be fair I am neither a supporter of Corbyn or the Labour Party,  however Jeremy Corbyn should be respected for his leadership over the Article 50 vote to leave the EU

Labour having supported the referendum then the only coherent thing was for them to accept the result

The Lib Dems are beyond contempt ,having stated they wanted a referendum,then saying they object to the vote because people who voted leave are to old or lack education to be counted

Can anyone believe that the SNP would be demanding a second vote on independence if they had won the Scots referendum to leave the UK , of course not !

The way some MPs who voted for the referendum and them opoosed its outcome must be at an all time low in political integrity.

To his credit Ken Clarke has always opposed referenda, so his oposition to its outcome is at least consistent.

It would be an omission not to say its a great shame MP's did not listen to his candid opposition to the Iraq invasion.

It appears a significant number of Labour MPs are out to undermine their own party and Leader even more than the Conservatives

Cllr Steve Radford
President of The Liberal Party
I have to agree with you Steve on all points. This politicking by Labour, Lib Dems and Ken Clarke is just sour grapes by Neo-cons. The Lib Dems have sold there principals out to big business.

Bemoaning is destructive to the negotiations, because it empowers the EU negotiators before negotiations begin. The government has to open its negotiations in an extreme position as does the EU so concessions can be later exchanged.

The second point is, if the results of the negations are to be voted on by Parliament what does that mean.
They would have to accept them. If they do not accept them they would have to enter further negations on terms that would mean the UK would have to make greater concessions for the new EU concessions Parliament requires.

In a game of cards, you do not show your cards during the game.

Ray Whittinger
West Sussex

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