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NEC Statement - EU Referendum
The Liberal party welcomes the long overdue decision to give the UK electorate the opportunity to vote on our nations EU membership in June's referendum.

As a long established, mildly Eurosceptic party we have a wide range of views.  No doubt each of our  members will come to slightly different conclusions as to what is best as  the debate develops . As such we need to allow dissent.  It is an integral party of our party's philosophy that we do not employ a whipping system to impose a unified policy front.
The vote at the 2011 party Assemble endorsed a policy of negotiated reform or negotiated exit from the EU. It is up to members to decide if the recent negotiations meet those aspirations.

Those who wish to campaign as Liberals to leave the EU can register as Liberals for Go Global whilst not committing those who honourably feel otherwise.

Pro-European members may wish to consider joining the Britain Stronger in European campaign. Those not supporting Brexit will still be respected as party members.

What is important is that we campaign upfront in the debate as Liberals and avoid being implicitly lumped with other parties, most particularly the LibDems and UKIP.

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