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PCC Elections - Sent to media - Oct 2012
The announcement this weeks that two of the independent candidates for the role of Police Commissioner in the Thames Valley have withdrawn from the race, comes as a timely reminder of all that is wrong with these elections.

The appointment of Police Commissioners, with the emphases on outside candidates, has been derailed by a nomination process where only the established political parties are effectively able to afford the 5K pound deposit and mobilise the 100 names needed on the nomination form.

So now we are left with 5 candidates, four from established parties, which given the prevailing political climate and comments already made in the national press, risks the contents becoming politicised in exactly the way the roles originators had sort to avoid.

The real Liberal party has opposed the elections for just this reason. The main political parties can’t help but use this opportunity to brandish their law and order credentials or to use the vote as a comment on the popularity of the coalition government.

Not exactly the sort of background  conducive to a sensible debate on policing priorities in the 21st century.

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