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Economy - Distributism could deliver
Just want to point out that both the Basque country and Emilia-Romagna region look good economically due to the fragility of the national economies that they form with both Spain and Italy having big economic crises and both being close to bankruptcy. I like your idea and feel it should also work to divert funding the constant extra funding to big cities especially London which is crippling smaller towns and regions in the extremities of our country. I live in South Devon and year on year we are losing more money as it goes to places nearby such as Exeter or further afield. An over-reliance on one city will eventually cripple our economy as many others in Europe have struggled thus a diversion of funds more equally would be great. Finally, i am also tentative about moving away from a capitalist system as socialism as an alternative lacks a key element with incentive and the option you proposed would be difficult to impose as caps or quotas etc would have to be enforced and businesses would just take their services elsewhere. Big companies which have economies of scale actually reduce prices for customers therefore to move away from that would be extremely difficult as people would feel and would be less well off. Problem with a change like this is it takes so long for the effects to come through that no one party would be in power long enough to see the transformation through.

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