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Policy development - Energy policy
The AEB waste incineration plant in Amsterdam may be a potential solution to the problems of waste disposal and a sort of renewable energy. The idea of the plant is that household waste undergoes multiple processes to be turned from waste into energy, building materials and heating. They also sort through any rubbish taken to the plant to ensure that anything recyclable is recycled. With all the processes internalised it reduces the amount of emissions and stops major build ups of waste and even decreased the amount of land for landfill. With this concept however, I believe the company running the site fell into financial difficulty so it hasn't been all plain sailing. It did provide a 99% conversion rate to energy, heating and building materials with 30% energy yield from this. 

Masdar city in the UEA may be an interesting city to keep tabs on for green cities with it being setup as carbon emission free and Curitiba in Brazil may be able to provide some ways of at least engaging in sustainable transport.

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