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Draft Policy discussion document - traveller encampments
Fully agree with the sentiments contained within this policy discussion document. As ReadingLib rightly says, it may not be a vote winner, but there is nevertheless a necessary commitment required to work towards resolving situations when they arise, and there is the need for a provision of sites.

In a progressive society there is a need to respect the fact different people have different lifestyles. Travellers are a section of society with a Romany type lifestyle very different to others. I do believe we have to recognise Travellers and Romanies have the right to choose this lifestyle and as has already been stated there is a need for co-operation to provide suitable sites.

Regrettably however  in a number of cases members of the Traveller community seem to be beyond the law, flouting motoring, fly-tipping, littering and even animal welfare regulations. This has a detrimental effect on local communities, the environment and wildlife, as well as tainting the image of Travellers themselves. Therefore whilst accepting differing lifestyles and the provision of sites, there has to be acceptance that no section of society is beyond the law.

There are sections of the Traveller community that wish to establish horticultural co-operatives or sole trader ventures or new-age therapy/holistic communities. These can make valued contributions to society and is something that should be encouraged.

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