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Draft Policy discussion document - Youth unemployment
As has been mentioned, youth unemployment is a social ill. There is an old saying, "The Devil will find work for idle hands to do", and sadly, particularly in in inner cities, this has been the case with negative forces preying upon the young, impressionable and those with few prospects for the future. This creates a downward spiral for society as a whole.

I think as a society, as well as successive governments, we must take collective responsibility for this downward spiral. So much emphasis is given on being an aspiring well educated high earner, that this basically condemns the less academic youngster. That less academic youngster should not become tomorrows drug pusher or gangster or at worst suicide statistic, but instead have every opportunity to earn a decent living by legal means. Therefore I strongly believe in investment in national public works programmes, improving neighbourhoods and communities and infrastructures for the national well being of the country.

The dysfunctional system whereby students leave education without the necessary skills or desire to take jobs in sections of industry where they are most needed must be addressed. Serious efforts need to be made to attract students to key industries where they are needed, including the option of further free education and training if required.

There has also existed since the early 80's an attitude problem where certain jobs are stigmatised. Paid work experience through an increase in the education budget could tackle this issue, in addition to giving students an insight into areas of work they may not have considered.

Though some are opposed to it, a Universal Income Scheme, which may progressives across the world are discussing, would allow greater flexibility at work. This would mean work would be shared thus creating vacancies for young people.

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