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Policy development - Countering Islamic radicalisation
I fully endorse the sentiments contained in this proposal. As has been recognised there is no quick and easy solution to countering Islamic radicalisation, and I do not think in any way the focus should simply be on Muslims, but radicalisation within all faiths and communities. What the hate mongers want is for a polarisation of views on both sides with the outcome being a race war or jihad.

In terms of radicalisation of Muslims our first priority must be foreign policy. The biggest recruitment tool for radicalisation is seeing bombs and bullets from Britain, the US and its allies being used in Muslim countries. When mistakes happen (as they do) groups such as Islamic State bombard social media with images. As we all know 'a picture paints a thousand words'. Add this to racial abuse and discrimination towards Muslims in this country and sympathies and recruitment are secured. Therefore we have to remove our forces from Muslim countries and make the case for UN peace keeping forces consisting of personnel from Muslim countries. In addition to this Britain must make it clear its reason for intervention was to bring peace. Where this has failed or where mistakes have been made we need to apologise.

Secondly we need to work with organisations such as Upstanding Neighbourhoods who are active within their communities in opposing radicalisation and working for greater integration.

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