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Liberal Party NEC Statement - Chinese International tension - ReadingLib - 01-19-2021

The Liberal Party notes with grave concern the increased aggressive international and domestic agenda of the Chinese state.
The country has been emboldened by its perceived success in combating the initial outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and is now exploiting the distraction of the international community for its own advantage.

It has adopted a policy of supressing internal discussion of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic and recent protests in Tibet. It has simultaneously increased the arrest of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong and perpetuated human rights violation against Uighurs Muslims in the Xinjiang region in China’s west. The most recent outrage has been the barring from practice and threat to revoke the license of lawyers who seek to defend pro-democracy protesters.

Internationally, it has increasingly intimidated maritime neighbours in the west Pacific such as Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam, as well as fermenting violence with its regional neighbour India.

The party believes that the international community must unite to present a common response and counteract the agenda of China and its authoritarian leader President Xi Jinping.

The Liberal Party welcomes the offer of UK citizenship to eligible Hong Kong residents and the fast tracking of application to enter the UK. We believe this gives a strong signal to the Chinese authorities of our country’s commitment to protecting the rights of citizens which should have been guaranteed by the post 1997 Sino-British Joint Declaration.