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Birmingham Local Website - ReadingLib - 02-07-2018

Liberals in Birmingham now have a website which activists are looking to promote and build upon.

Please share and lets get organised - 

Mike Sheridan has lived and worked in our community for many years. 

Please get in touch if you have any ideas, problems or issues you would like Mike and the Liberal Team to take up.


RE: Birmingham Local Website - Brummie - 08-06-2019

Hello, I'd be interested in making contact with Birmingham Liberals. Is the website still active and is Mike Sheridan still involved?

RE: Birmingham Local Website - ReadingLib - 08-06-2019

He is indeed still involed with the party.

If you are not ablwe to contact him dirrectly please let me know and I can pass a message on.

I do not believe he had a dedicated website.

RE: Birmingham Local Website - Brummie - 08-06-2019

Thanks. I've managed to contact Mike. The first post says that Birmingham Liberals have a website. It was that I was referring to.