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Letter to local media - Reading traveller encampment - ReadingLib - 08-23-2017

I read with interest the recent media coverage of the re-occurring traveller incursion’s to Granville Road in Reading, and the councils continued rear-guard action to frustrate their return.

Driving down the Bath Road this weekend, the caravan’s re-appearance this week or earlier would mark at least the 12th or even 13th visitations this year.

Indeed the gutted caravan abandoned from the previous encampment has yet to be removed and appears to be already accumulating the detritus we all too often see accompanying such encampments.

Whilst the council spends another part of its 100k pound fund on further preventative measures, the BBC coverage pointed out the stark fact that Reading Borough Council has yet to provide the 7 traveller pitches it was advised it needed as far back as 2006.

Perhaps when the council has actually provided at least this minimum provision, it might be better able to manage the influx of travellers, moving them to a more manageable location, and controlling the accumulation of rubbish.

Provision of such a place will also have the added benefit of reducing the conflict between local residents and travellers which inevitably occurs with the latter’s unannounced appearances within the local community.