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Welcome To Liberal 21 - NigelGB - 10-26-2015

Liberal 21 is a group of Liberal Party members who are not affiliated to a local party organisation.  The aim of the group is to provide the type of support and discussion that liberal members would have in a local party association but using 21st Century digital communications to allow us to communicate and interact.  Hence the name.

RE: Welcome To Liberal 21 - coton boy - 11-03-2015

Thanks for the group. No branch where I live, but hoping to start one.

RE: Welcome To Liberal 21 - Brummie - 02-24-2016

Interesting to hear of Liberal 21 and what it is, especially as I don' think I live within the area of a local association. Just to point out though that there is a Jewish group calling itself Liberal 21. Doesn't the Party already have a bit of a problem with name sharing?  Cool 'Brummie'

RE: Welcome To Liberal 21 - NigelGB - 11-16-2016

Actually you don't. The concept of Liberal 21 - partially because the name was already in use - got subsumed into the Sheffield Liberal Page on Facebook which has now become the Progressive Liberal Page. You can find them at

RE: Welcome To Liberal 21 - JEBaker1892 - 10-31-2019

How do you join Liberal 21?