Full Version: Liberal Party NEC Statement – The Gaza Conflict after 5 Months
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The Liberal Party notes with deep sadness the conclusion of the 5th month of the ongoing Gaza conflict and a continued failure to bring the regional violence to an end.

Whilst the Israel state has the right to protect itself, its on-going response to the Hamas attack of the 7th October has shown no boundaries and goes beyond self-defence or protection of its population.

The Palastinina inhabitants of Gaza now face acute hunger with much of the public health infrastructure and hospitals damaged beyond use and a punitive blockade preventing humanitarian aid reaching the besieged population.

The party believes that the absence of an Israeli delegation at the current Cairo negotiation to implement a ceasefire and exchange of hostages is inexcusable and shows an unwillingness to end the conflict.

The international community must act to ensure Israel meets its international obligations to protect  civilians and prevents a humanitarian disaster which will only fuel the perpetual cycle of violence, empowering terrorist groups such as Humza, rather than isolating them.