Full Version: Merseyside Liberal Association Members Contribute to City Homelessness Debate
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Liverpool City Council held a debate on homelessness in the city on Wednesday the 17th of  January.

The Liberal Party amendment put forward during the debate was agreed by all parties. It called for an assertive campaign, including threat of use of Compulsory Purchase Powers be used to bring the current 3721 long term vacant homes in the city back into use.

Liberal group leader Cllr Steve Radford demanded to know why the council isn’t doing more to CPO empty properties in the city and bring them back into use? The leader of the green group on LCC agreed and said there are 3 sites in his ward which could be used in this way.

The Liberal Party has adopted a policy of increased council tax payments on empty properties to encourage more of the 261,189 long-term empty properties in England to become homes again.