Full Version: Liberal Party NEC Statement – A 2 State Solution for the Palestinian Nation
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The Liberal Party notes with dismay the recent comments by the Israeli Ambassador to the UK that Israel will not accept a two-state solution in the West Bank or Gaza Strip nor support an immediate ceasefire to restore humanitarian aid whilst its military operations continue.

The party believes that a long-term solution to the Middle East conflict can only be achieved by the creation of a viable Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza, free to develop its own cultural identity and economic independence.

Whilst Israel has the right to defend itself from armed attack to include the deplorable attack by Hamas on 7th October, it does not have the right to inflict disproportionate harm on the Palestinian civilian population nor deny them statehood.

The Liberal Party reiterates its call for an immediate ceasefire and a withdrawal of Israeli forces to their internationally recognised border. We see merit in a United Nations presence in the Gaza Strip to restore humanitarian aid to the civilian population and prevent further provocation by either side in the region.