Full Version: Liberal Party NEC Statement - UK Energy Prices and Consumer Choice
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The Liberal Party welcomes the latest talks between the UK energy sector, Ofgem and the Government to address looming energy price rises which could potentially double bills in 2022.

UK consumers, both domestic and business face a perfect storm of rising prices, potential supply shortages and a loss of choice from the bankruptcy of 26 independent energy companies.

This has been largely the result of an ill-conceived attempt to contain prices by implementing a price cap which in-turn prevented firms passing on wholesale price rises leading to their failure.

Consumers of failed firms have then found themselves moved to larger suppliers consolidating their dominant position and reducing consumer choice.

The party believes that the Govt should reverse the £20 a week cut to Universal Credit to ensure those most at risk of fuel poverty are able to maintain their supply and see’s merit in reducing VAT on domestic bills.

However, with the need to de-carbonise the UK energy sector and economy means that reducing or cancelling green levies sends the wrong signal about our commitment to tackle climate change and should be protected.