Full Version: Letter to the National Media from Liberal Party Leader - Local election results
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Dear Editor

The recent by-election in Old Bexley and Sidcup showed a 10 % anti-government to Labour swing.

With the Government's contempt and arrogance seeking to change the anti- sleaze rules rather than face up to one of the members being found guilty, this swing should be welcomed by anyone wanting clean politics.

The most profound outcome of the by election is the meltdown of the Lib Dems vote to a mere 3%.
In 2010 the Lib Dems secured 15.2% of the vote.

This is not surprising given that the LIb Dems are fixed with their betrayal of their voters in the 2010 Tory Coalition and their obsession with supporting re-joining the EU, joining the euro and supporting even greater EU centralisation.

On the 18th November the continuing Liberal Party fought 3 diverse by-elections.

In the rural North Yorkshire marginal seat of Cropton we held the seat despite Labour and Green intervention.

On the same day in two north Liverpool working class Labour strongholds wards. The Liberal Party made progress against Labour whilst the Lib dems were wiped out.

In the Clubmoor ward Labour lost 8% , down to 54%.

The Liberal Party gained 3% to come clear second at 22% The Lib Dems came 6th with 2%.

In the Anfield Ward Labour won with 56% having lost 11%. 

The Liberal Party came a clear second with 26% up 11%, whilst the Lib Dems came in at 7% in a seat they represented in the not too distant past.

The Lib Dems abandoned their Liberal inheritance for naked opportunism and are damaged goods
It is time for all good Liberals to return home to The Liberal Party.

Cllr Steve Radford
Leader of The Liberal Party