Full Version: Liberal Party General Election Manifesto 2019 – Education
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We want to create a country which is proud of its state education system. We want to see proper state school provision
where the most able are stretched and challenged in order that they develop to their maximum ability, but equally no
child should be considered a failure or 'left behind' all children should be encouraged to aspire to achieve their
very best and fulfil their maximum potential. To this end we would seek to ensure all teachers are well trained, well
qualified and well-motivated to educate and train young people.

We want all children to be given a fair opportunity to succeed. We would oppose further expansion of grammar schools
and we would ensure a fair and consistent funding formula and tax application across state, free and private schools.
We would oppose plans to ban private schools which provide people with choice and diversity, which can provide vital
lessons to state schools. School inspections would be carried out across all schools which receive public funding.
We would seek to restore the principle of free Education. Tuition fees need to be abolished; this could be funded by
a modest charge against funds raised from inheritance tax (excluding the main family home which nil-band rated to
ensure direct descendants can inherit without fear of tax burden). Let the capital of one generation fund the human
investment of the next generation.

A comprehensive network of children’s centres is an essential investment to encourage children to have a good start
in both education and health.

We need to establish and fund an independent Council for Voluntary Youth Services to strengthen the partnership
between youth services, the community voluntary and faith sectors, and local authorities.
We would plough investment into skills training and vocational education so that the UK is equipped to develop a
high tech - high skills economy. To this end we will seek to foster a culture where vocational training is seen to be
given the same status and esteem as purely academic qualifications.

These reforms would be partly funded by applying VAT to 'private' school fees.

Promoted by Stephen Graham on behalf of the Liberal Party, 12 Dayworth Mews, Lundy Lane, Reading, RG30 2RR