Full Version: Liberal Party NEC Statement - UK Measles Vaccination
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The Liberal Party notes with grave concern media reports on the spread of the measles virus in the UK, and the decline in public vaccination.
A recent Unicef report heighted the sad fact that over half a million children in the UK failed to receive the MMR vaccination between 2010 and 2017. The UK vaccination rate is now believed to be in the region of 87%, short of the 90-95% range needed to contain the disease.
In matters of public health, the Liberal Party believes that to safe guard decades of improvement in health and wellbeing, greater efforts need to be made to inform the public of the benefits of vaccination and dispel parents’ concerns.
The party believes that better education on the risks of infection, the availability of alternative vaccination regimens and increased availability of vaccination at college and university all play a part in containing contagious diseases.